Last changed on 30th January 2017



  1. These contest rules (henceforth referred to as Rules) regulate the relations between a private limited liability company ADRIA MANAGEMENT based in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, that organizes Miss Adria contest (henceforth referred to as the Organizer)and you as a Miss Adria contest entrant. The Rules apply as soon as you enter the Miss Adria contest, i.e. as soon as you start using the website's services.

  2. The terms such as 'we', 'us' or 'our' refer to the Organizer. The terms 'you', 'your' or 'yours' refer to an individual who accepts these Rules, owns a Miss Adria account and takes part in the Miss Adria contest, regardless of completing the application process or entering the competition at all.

  3. The term 'Country' or 'Countries' refers to the countries participating in the Miss Adria 2017 contest: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia.

  4. Organizer retains the right to change these Rules in absolute discretion at any time. These changes apply from the moment they have been published on this website. Applying to the Miss Adria contest means you accept the Rules made until and including the date of the last change.


  5. To apply to enter Miss Adria contest, you must meet these requirements:

    a)A contestant must be a female citizen, i.e. born a girl.
    b) A contestant must be at least 18 and under 25 years old on the day the Grand finale is held.
    c) A contestant must be a citizen of one of the Countries.
    d) At the moment of applying, a contestant must be residing within the territory of one of the Countries.
    e) A person who is involved or was involved into any fraudulent or immoral acts is not allowed to enter the Miss Adria contest.
    f) A contestant cannot be pregnant during the qualifications or the Grand finale..
    g) A contestant must be in good shape and of good health in order to participate in the preparations for the Grand finale..
    h) During the Miss Adria competition, a contestant is not allowed to promote or take part in any other local, country or international pageant, neither as a contestant or judge.


  6. To enter the Miss Adria contest you must apply using your Facebook account. First and any next accessing to your account is done through MY MISS ADRIA page. When you apply to the contest, we create your account by using the name, email and location given on your Facebook profile. You can later change the information on your account.

  7. All the further changes on your account, such as adding or deleting the information or uploading photos and videos, must be revised by the Miss Adria moderators before they become effective.

  8. You guarantee both that the information given are correct and updated and that you will update it regularly.

  9. If by any chance we discover your information to be false or outdated, we keep the right to either suspend or ban your account thus eliminating you from the contest.

  10. During the application process and before the start of the voting you can request deletion of your account along with making your information private. After the voting is started, you are not allowed to hide your personal information.


  11. The decision about the winner is made by the voters during both qualifications and finale. They vote using the text message voting system – a vote per mobile user.

  12. You start the voting by clicking the Vote button that can be found on the contestants' profiles. The button is visible during the voting period and after that it disappears. After you click the button, there will appear another window containing all the voting instructions.

  13. a) You can vote only 3 times using your phone number:
    -once during the first round of qualifications when a girl from each town enters the next round,
    - once during the second round of qualifications when it is decided which one of the top three girls will represent her country at the finale, and
    -once during the Grand finale.

    b) If a voter sends more than one text message during any round of the voting, only one counts as a vote while other text messages are not counted as votes but are still charged.

    c) To cover the expenses made by sending the text message, mobile phone users cannot ask Miss Adria, contestants or the mobile provider to refund their money, do them a favour or give them any kind of the compensation.


  14. The mobile phone numbers of the people who vote become public right after the voting, with the exception of the two final numbers that are hidden in order to protect the privacy of a voter..