Sumejja Brkovic won Miss Adria 2016

Sumejja Brkovic won Miss Adria 2016

During the voting period that lasted 3 days (16th to 19th December 2016) Sumejja Brkovic won 1438 votes, thus earning the Miss Adria title and becoming the reigning Adria Queen.

Sumejja is 21 years old. She was born in Dubrovnik where she had also finished both primary and secondary school. She studies Psychology in Sarajevo and she is currently the third year student. She speaks English and Spanish, while she attends Italian language classes too. To make it to the finale Sumejja previously had to win her place in the top 5 most beautiful girls in Croatia. The qualifications lasted 30 days. 473 people in Croatia voted in her favour which was enough to secure her the first place. Another girl from Vinkovci had the exact same number of votes.

We want to express our gratitude to all the Miss Adria 2016 contestants. We are also thankful for over 20 000 people who voted and took part in deciding about the winner. They were the only judges during the contest. Thank you for trusting in us.