Did you know that last year’s Miss Adria was the most popular contest of this kind in the region? In only 30 days more than 1000 girl applied to enter the competition and more than 23000 people voted!

What makes Miss Adria contest so popular?

  1. The only judges are >>> the voters!

    There is no jury at the Miss Adria competition. All the decisions are made exclusively by the voters using the text message voting system A VOTE PER A MOBILE USER. Since there is no jury and all the votes (numbers used to vote) are public, there is no place for any kind of irregularity.

  2. There are three rounds in the contest

    After you enter the contest you compete for the first place in your own town. If you win the first round, you compete with the girls from other cities within your country. This is when you have to enter the top 3 most beautiful in order to compete in the finale. The first two rounds of the qualifications within your country are held online while the finale is live.

  3. The Queen of the seven countries

    Miss Adria has great relations with all the media in the region. No matter what you accomplish, either on local or country level, the media will write and inform about you. Winning the finale makes you the Adria queen of the seven countries, but it also brings valuable gifts from our sponsors along with the royal treatment in the media.

  4. Your own town hero

    Winning the title will put spotlight on both you and your town, even on your country. If you win the contest, the next Miss Adria finale is to be held in your town. This implies free promotion of you and your town in media all over the seven countries throughout the year! The most important is the fact that all the most beautiful girls accompanied by a lot of media representatives will be staying at your town during the Grand finale.

    You will be a host to the finalists during the preparations and the finale itself. This is a chance to take part in the finale organization and to earn a significant amount of money too.

  5. Unforgettable experience

    This year’s finale host town is Dubrovnik – often referred to as the Adriatic pearl. The hotel that will accommodate our finalists is a magical 5-star hotel Rixos Libertas. If you enter the finale, Miss Adria organization pays for both transport expenses and 10 days of full-board accommodation in Rixos Libertas hotel. There will be the best photographers, makeup artists, dance and acting instructors at your disposal. You are to be in a good mood and to enjoy in the company of the 20 remaining finalists.


To compete in the Miss Adria pageant you must be at least 18 and under 25 years old on the day (29th October 2017) the Grand finale is held. You must be a citizen of one of the participating countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia or Serbia). All the other requirements can be found in the Competition Rules section.

45 000 EUR

How to enter?

By simply clicking the "ENTER THE COMPETITION" button. Your Miss Adria account will be created by the use of your Facebook account. The next time you want to enter your account, use the "MY MISS ADRIA" link.


*Please note: All prizes are subject to fulfillment by the sponsors (hotel accommodation, travel expenses, trips, gifts). Miss Adria assumes no responsibility for the failure of sponsors to fulfill their commitment. All prizes cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.