Miss Adria is the international beauty pageant that was first held in 2016. It emerged as a need of having a unique pageant where the only judges are the common voters and all the votes are public. In this way all the limitations connected to the common pageant judging are excluded, simply because the decision about the Miss Adria winner is not made only by a panel of judges. All the people from the seven participating countries who own a mobile phone can take part in deciding. The Miss Adria pageant is the first one to introduce this way of voting as the only possible way of deciding about the winner. Thus, the only right way of voting is the one where all the people are allowed to vote. Only then the Miss titleholder can be considered as the official Miss of all the countries participating in the pageant.

The main goal of the pageant is having a winner who will be rightfully announced as the Miss Adria queen in the very end. That is why we consider all the other awards, e.g. the first and second runner-ups or the Miss Photogenic, to be of less importance. There is only one title awarded during this pageant and all the honours and privileges belong to the contestant who wins the Grand finale.

The values our pageant promotes are freedom and transparency. All the contestants are free to decide in what way they want to introduce themselves to the voters, while all the votes remain public (the voter’s privacy is protected).

Beauty is the most important but it is not the only factor affecting the Adria Queen choice. Beauty without love or inner kindness has no value, so considering the Miss Adria voting system, our winner is not only the most beautiful but also the most loved person in her own town, region and country.

There were 250 contestants, chosen among 1000 girls who applied, competing for the Miss Adria 2016 title. The decision was made by 23 000 people who voted. The current Miss Adria is Sumejja Brkovic from Dubrovnik (Croatia).

The trademark of the Miss Adria organization is Sumejja – a girl who holds the symbols of the Adria region (the sea and the sun) in her hands and who was named after the first Miss Adria titleholder. The seven rays of sun, as well as a tiara adorned with seven diamonds stand for all the seven participating countries.